Saturday, September 30, 2006

Update 9/30/06 - MobiShark News

Greetings Blackberry Community,

News for discussion:

- New 8100 Device
- 8800 Device
- Mac Users
- New Blackberry community
- MobiShark modem MAC Project

New 8100 Device

It's been a while since we have conversed with the Blackberry community. Many things have happened since then. The release of the new 8100 Blackberry device - Really nice!

8800 Device

Also it appears that the new Blackberry model 8800 is underway (for all you MEGA BB TYPERS).

Mac Users

Many things are happening for MAC users – Blackberry 8100 device users are now able to utilize their BB as a modem. (see link below) - Macintosh…. could this be a start to MACINTOSH receiving the due attention it deserves in the Blackberry community.. I guess we’ll see shortly - : )

New Blackberry Community

It's new and it's cool ....

MobiShark modem MAC Project

Well we’ve said in the past that we were working on a way for ALL MAC USERS to utilize their Blackberry as a modem..... It’s been a work in progress and we’ve made progress and are still researching and testing this method to determine if this in fact possible. We will be updating everyone very soon with the final results. Thanks again for your patience.


The Shark Team