Thursday, October 19, 2006

Released: Blackberry Modem via Bluetooth Technology

We are proud to announce today the release of Shark Modem version 2.

* Shark Modem v2 supports all 7xxx and 8xxx devices
* Shark Modem v2 supports only BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) USERS at this time
* For those users who have already purchased a copy of The Shark Modem v1 this will be a free upgrade (Simply download v2 and install - You're upgraded!)

Free Download includes 10 MB Trial

New Features:
1) Supports Bluetooth Technology: You can now utilize your Blackberry as modem without the USB connection - now via Bluetooth.
2) Proxy auto detection settings:
Shark Modem is auto configured to communicate with the Shark Proxy without changing your Internet Browser settings (as with the previous Shark Modem v1)
You just need to start Shark Modem on the blackberry, and it will automatically connect via the Blackberry.If The Shark Modem is not running you will connect to the Internet using your default Internet connection.

Many Thanks!

The Shark Team