Saturday, July 22, 2006

Madd Blackberry User Gone wild for Utilizing his Blackberry as a modem with his Macintosh

Lately we received several emails in regards to the Utilization of a Blackberry as a modem using a Macintosh. Before we entertained this thought about 2 months ago, but to no avail.. nothing was done. Since then users have been on a RAMPAGE , because they really would like to see this application. We have one MAC user who has posted a BOUNTY (that's what I call a TRUE MACINTOSH FAN) to see what was said please view > Now that everybody's "Standing on the ROOFTOP" - Scream your heart out > "We want an application and we want it NOW"

Also there's another famous post on this topic : Here will find our latest 2 post will reads as:

*** Post #1 Greetings Mac Friends, It's Mediabb from Mobishark - (SharkModem) > . We've been meaning to write something on this thread for some time now. We looked into doing something for the MAC USERS. I had a MAC developer friend of the team investigate this, and of course to implement something on the lines of what we have (mac side.. porting..etc) it's not a easy task.. but it's doable! Problem is .. I guess getting some numbers as to the ROI is the mean question of concern. Please let us know your thoughts.

**** Post #2 Okay - Okay - I'll try and contact our developer again between this weekend and next week to see what we can come up with. But the key is finding time. I know this is an application the MAC users would love to see the most. Let's see what happens Note: This is an attempt not a promise... but we will gave it a try!!!

But of course the BOUNTY MAN comes back with a response to our post #1 ...

Wanna know what he said?

The Bounty I started is up to $475, with little publicity and folks having to trust a stranger with their money - so that should tell you something.Mac users are definitely a small market share, but they tend to be much more "active" with their computers and are willing to pay for good 3rd party software, etc. which explains the lively small developer community.My take: you'll be selling to a smaller market, but you'll have an opportunity to sell to a larger segment of that market.With a $50 pricetag and some good press on the Mac sites, I think you'd get a lot of takers.I sure would love to send you that bounty money!

So let's see what happens this week............... STAY TUNE.