Monday, May 28, 2007

Using Lotus Notes and Sametime with The Shark Modem

It's been asked and NOW we are going to answer it.

Q: How do I configure my Lotus Notes client to work with The Shark Modem?

A: Make sure you set the proxy in the right place. Create a new location document (by copy/paste/rename of an existing one) Then edited the Proxy Configuration setting on the first page. Set the "HTTP Tunnel" field to localhost/3128 as well as all the proxy fields. You should then see Lotus Notes replication requests on the Shark Modem connection tab.
If you have problems with DNS name resolution (locating your mail server), you may need to set up a connection document in your address book to map the server name to a IP Address.
I also recommend that (with the blackberry shark location selected) you uncheck all except the most essential databases (your mail) so that you don't attempt to replicate other databases over the blackberry. Also, if you get sent a lot of large e-mails, you should change the replication settings for your mail database to only receive the first 40KB or similar. Replication settings are specific to the current location, so when you switch back to your normal location, they will revert to normal settings.

Q: How do I configure my SameTime client to work with The Shark Modem?

A: I tested this with Sametime 7.5.1 and found that on the communities section of preferences you need to set the Proxy configuration to use "HTTPS Proxy" and point it to the Shark Modem at localhost/3128.

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