Tuesday, August 29, 2006

08/29/06 - Mac and Mobishark Modem Update

Dear MAC Users,

We know this has been a long awaited for update. We started work with a developer 2 week ago, but due to a some health issues the developer had to push the development aside. However, we have good news.... He has referred another DYNAMIC DEVELOPER that will try and lead us to our GOAL. We'd like to say thanks for all your support and emails in regards to this project. We will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible. We are hoping just as much as you are for the outcome of this project. Our main objective here is give you what you're wanting.. A way to utilize your Blackberry as modem via the MAC. Please stay tune... hopefully this developer has what it takes to "flip the bill". We'll be in touch soon.

P.S Please be on the lookout for the release of www.geekshark.com. We look forward to your ongoing support.

Yours Truly,

The Shark Team - " Taking a bite out of Development" - Jaws can't even compare to us!

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