Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BETA TESTERS NEEDED - Shark Modem V.2.0 - Now Support Bluetooth Technology

Utilize your Blackberry as a modem - via Bluetooth Technology - Shark Modem Version 2.0

Shark Modem Version 2.0 - Supports Bluetooth and Proxy Auto Detection Settings New Features:

1) Supports Bluetooth Technology: You can now utilize your Blackberry as modem without the USB connection - now via Bluetooth.

2) Proxy auto detection settings:Shark Modem is auto configured to communicate with the Shark Proxy without changing your Internet Browser settings (as in the previous version of Shark Modem)You just need to start Shark Modem on blackberry, and it will automatically connect via the Blackberry.If The Shark Modem is not running on BB the proxy it will connect to Internet using your default Internet connection.

For those who were involved in the Version 1.0 BETA test group (see below link below) We are please to announce BETA version Shark Modem 2.0. We will need users for version 2.0 who use BES only for now. The BETA version has a 10mb limitNote: For those users who have already purchased a copy of The Shark Modem this will be a free upgrade. However, this version is still in BETA test mode.

The BETA version can be obtained by emailing:

Should you have further interest or request in Shark Modem please visit:

Note: If you would like to be a BETA Tester Please provide Feedback

The Shark Team