Tuesday, December 18, 2007

85,000 Cellphone Bill - High Carrier data Charges

Are you running a limited data plan? Are you sick of paying .. let's say a 3,400 phone bill ONLY because your Carrier allowed you to slide from paying the original cost, which was a whopping 85,000 cellphone phone bill. Most carriers here in the states and overseas are banking lots of consumers cash on limited data data plans. If you're a Blackberry owner for example you better be careful when using your Blackberry as a modem > Read a few testimonies about blackberry data charges.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world there happen to be an Intelligent Blackberry Application Developer Newbie. Yep! A developer at MINiMONI who decided to build an blackberry application that allows you track blackberry data usage. If you happen to be on your Blackberry now you can downlaod it OTA here

Notice: quoted from the MINIMONI site "
Please note that I give no warranty on the proper function of this application. Neither I will take any responsibility for damages to your devices. USE IT ON YOUR OWN RISC! "

Does your Carrier charge you International data coverage cost when say you take a business trip over to London? You want to investigate that. Let us know your comments!