Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do you have a Blackberry?
Do you travel alot with your Laptop?
Want to use your Blackberry as a modem?

The famous handheld device has just made your life easier. That's right you now use your blackberry as a modem with your laptop.

Most of you are familar with the popular celluar phone modem applications if you moved from Treo Devices or Pocket PC Devices

Curious to find out how fast the Blackberry modem speed is ? Most of us as Internet Users are tried of the 56k dial up speed and want the fast connection. Blackberry Guru's at Pinstack ran a test with the Blackberry 8100 Pearl check out the results.

Blackberry devices supported:

Blackberry Curve
Blackberry 8800
Blackberry 8703e
Blackberry 8700c
Blackberry 8700f
Blackberry 8700g
Blackberry 8700r
Blackberry 8700v
Blackberry 8707v
Blackberry 7780
Blackberry 7750
Blackberry 7730
Blackberry 7520
Blackberry 7510
Blackberry 7290
Blackberry 7280
Blackberry 7230
Blackberry 7210
Blackberry 7130c
Blackberry 7130e
Blackberry 7130g
Blackberry 7130v
Blackberry 7100g
Blackberry 7100i
Blackberry 7100r
Blackberry 7100t
Blackberry 7100v
Blackberry 7100x
Blackberry 7105t

Can't get your device to work to operate as a modem? Contact MobiShark