Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nextel Blackberry as a modem

Nextel Blackberry Users have been struggling to obtain a way to use their Blackberry as a modem. While other carriers have opened the flood gates since day 1 with their Blackberry users. Okay, so we created the Shark Modem - Blackberry as a modem application and it works for Nextel users. Most Nextel users complain about the speed. Well Nextel network is sitting at around 19.2kbs. Ok 19.2kbs is slow- but it works. Ever been stranded at the hotel or airport and didn't wanna pay the sky rocket prices but needed to get on? So there you have it stay at 19.2kbs or perhaps choosing another carrier. For all the "chirp" fans.. it's better that you to stay.

Nextel Blackberry Device Models: 7100i,7520, and 7510