Monday, December 17, 2007

Ideeli makes personal shopping for the consumer EASIER

Face it we're living in a world with less time and need things automated. " I don't have time to run to the mall every 3 days to see what new purse has hit the showcase" says Julie. Ever felt that way? Well if you've got a cellphone then time is NOW on your side with the help of Ideeli

These guys made a way for you "the consumer" to be notified when your favorite item on your wish list has hit the shelf or has become available. The website offers luxury goods such as clutches and bags from high end designers at discounts of between 50-to-90 percent. Put your credit cards back in your wallet Ladies.. not just so fast! Go ahead over and signup.. HOw? We don't know .. seems to be private site for the elite (Members Only)

These guys appear to have a good vision. May the forces be with you IDEELI! Okay Ladies get signed up and start receiving SMS messages via your Blackberry. Happy Shopping!

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